tips to rejuvenate your skin

The first and most important tip is to cleanse your skin. Once your skin is clean, your skin will be able to absorb the products you are about to apply. You’ll want to make sure your cleanser is effective, especially if you are the kind of person who likes to wear a lot of makeup.

The best solution is to use facial oils. Try to avoid harsh soaps and other products that contain harsh chemicals – you want as close to natural as you can get. You don’t need expensive products, something as basic as extra virgin olive oil will do the trick. Any certified organic product will do the trick.

It will melt down the make up and leave your skin with an extra nice sheen. The oil wont strip away the natural oils found on your skin. It will break down the existing products on your skin without causing any irritation or harm.

If you’d prefer to go with wipes, you are best to select one that contains a basic moisturizer. Ones that contain alcohol will do the job but leave your skin feeling dry as it removes the natural oils your skin produces.

The next step is to treat your skin with a clay mask such as the product ‘Where is pore?’. This will reduce the size of your pores and clear out any toxins and impurities. It draws out the impurities and brings them to the surface of your skin allowing you to wipe them off. When selecting a product, be sure it includes bentonite clay.

Another option is to use a honey mask. Honey is known as natures anti biotic and contains healing properties that will lighten the skin and give you a litre appearance. The best type of honey to use is Manuke honey as it contains a lot more beneficial properties.

You’ll want to apply the honey at least twice a week. You apply the honey and let it sit on your face for 5 to 10 minutes then rinse it off. You’ll find your skin will feel amazing!

Next, you’ll want to tone your skin. Try to avoid products that contain alcohol as it will leave your skin feeling dry, stripped of the natural oils. A product like ‘be the skin’ or even apple cider vinegar will do the trick – making sure it’s an organic product. Being organic, the product will be raw and unfiltered, you will want to follow up with water.

ourishing the skin is your next step. You’ll want to find ingredients that are good for the skin that will give you that sheen you are after. Products live vitamin C will give your skin that much needed boost, allowing to product more collagen.

Vitamin A is also a good product you can use to nourish your skin. It allows the cells to turn over faster – allowing your skin to rejuvenate faster. The product can dry out your skin so you will want to apply a good moisturizer straight after.

Lastly, you want to hydrate your skin with a good moisturizer. Find a good product that won’t leave your skin feeling greasy or heavy on the skin. A good oil based product will do the trick or even extra virgin olive oil. When shopping around, don’t just look at the price – look at what’s effective.

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